Thursday, June 26, 2008

Unboxing Jitterbug

The jitterbug arrived via FedEx in a medium mailer box. Inside were two boxes: one for the phone and one for the card charger accessory (usually available separately; received as part of a package deal), and some bubble wrap. Inside the phone box was a plastic tray with literature, the phone, the battery, and the AC charger, each wrapped in plastic. The car charger was wrapped in a cardboard spacer inside it's box, and included a simple instruction card.

The phone is oval and rounded, and fits nicely in the hand. The battery is also oval shaped, as is the AC charger. The car charger has a nice pistol-grip style handle. It was easy to insert the batter an snap it in place on the back of the phone. When plugged in to the AC charger, the window on the front lights up and shows "Charging".

The phone literature included a Welcome card with toll-free 24-hour support number, and "five things to know...": 1. charge it for 2 hours and see "Quick Start Guide", 2. press '0' for Operator to get help, 3. ways to add to phone list, 4. about statements, and 5. learn more from the "How-To Guide". In addition to the two Guides, there was also a card with "Important Return Information" on one side and a note about "the DO NOT CALL Registry" on the other side.

Pretty much everything needed for most operations was in the six-panel (fold-out) Quick Start Guide. The How-To Guide booklet is 125 pages long, but only the first 65 pages are instructions, the rest are agreements, safety, and legal stuff. All of the instructions are in clear, large type.

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