Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Simple to use ... sort of

The Jitterbug is a basic flip phone, but is designed to be dead simple to use. When you open the phone, the display shows the contact list and offers to "Call?" the first one on the list. The buttons are large, round, and clear, including a "Yes" and "No" button. No obscure symbols or icons. If desired, the contact list can be scrolled with the simple two-way up-down arrows that are the only other control buttons.

Pressing the numeric keys displays huge digits to indicate the number to be called. Press "Yes" to connect. When done with the call, just fold up phone to hang up.

What could be simpler? Well, when you press "No" at the initial screen, the display switches to a "Phone Info" page, with minutes used, phone number, etc. This can be confusing to a first time user. Fortunately, pushing "No" again or closing and re-opening the phone gets you back to the contact list.

Other confusing options are the Voice Mail screen, Voice Dialing, and Call History, any or all of which can be turned on or off. For simplest use, make sure all are off.

Of course, the neatest thing is the dial tone you hear when putting the phone up to your ear!